Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Whistleblower Shares Crucial Information About How The VA Really Operates It's HEALTHCARE PROGRAMS!!

Federal investigators are investigating a whistleblower's claims that applications for veterans seeking health care benefits may have been improperly purged from the VA's Health Eligibility Center in suburban Atlanta.

Eligibility Center program specialist Scott Davis tells of the health benefit applications for more than 10,000 veterans may have been improperly purged from the Health Eligibility Center's national data system in DeKalb County.
Davis began filing complaints in January and said managers were focused on meeting goals linked to the Affordable Care Act to meet their bonus targets. He also asked the VA office of the Inspector General to investigate potential fraud involving government contracts.

All this comes after they have already gotten a slap on the hand for falsifying appointment documentation in several facilities. Who else thinks it's time for an overhaul on this group?

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