Sunday, August 17, 2014

LB & B claims to be minority owned to qualify for grant money!

Funny what some people will do for money isn't it.

This information taken directly from the LB & B Website

            Our success is a combination of customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, high productivity and efficient operations.

 Ethics and Integrity
            Our integrity and ethics will never be compromised. Each and every employee must be challenged, recognized and involved.

It's amazing the lengths people will go to get free money. This company thought it would be a good idea to claim that it was owned by someone who was socially and economically disadvantaged in order to qualify for a Section 8(a) program. They also used this status to qualify for SBA's Mentor Protégé program. They were eventually brought to justice on both counts. The first was headed by former employees and the latter was prosecuted by the Federal government.

The question I have is how many other free money sources did they oust before people caught on to what they were doing and also how many other fraudulent companies are adhering to the same type of false funding options. This is very frustrating to the common person who not only supports and donates to these false causes, but also to the other legitimate company's that lost out on financial assistance.

How do you feel about this company? Do you know of any such false organizations? If so please contact our office today. James Vander Linden  (612) 339-6841,or email

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