Tuesday, August 19, 2014


This is a name I want you to remember.
This company has many major dialysis clinics across the US. It's so sad to find out that while we, the taxpayers, work hard everyday to be able to help support needed programs like Medicare and Medicaid-- that low life people like the Ken Theory CEO of DaVita are taking advantage of these programs and us.
This company has a $101 million office tower, that includes fountains, gardens, and even a ski gondola used for meetings. The CEO dresses as a Three Musketeer for his meetings and calls the participants his villagers. That should be our first clue something is wrong.  He is the highest paid CEO in Colorado.
A nurse and doctor whom work for one of the clinics said they had noticed a wasteful problem and tried to address it with supervisors. They were both told not to start trouble and follow the instructions they had been given.
What was happening is for example if a dialysis patient required 100 cc of iron throughout the week they would draw that amount from 3 separate 100 cc vials - rather than purchasing smaller sized dosages, then they would use 50% of the first one and toss the rest, later in the week they would open a new vile use 25% and toss the rest, then once again at the end of the week they would again open a new vial and use 25% and toss the rest. So theoretically they were using 100 cc out of 300 cc that was open. But that way they could charge insurance for all 3 of them.  Now take that and multiply it by their now 2000 clinics where 2/3 of their income was from Medicare or Medicaid.  It is estimated that this added up to approximately $800 million in fraudulent charges.
They have previously this year settled a $55 million suit for fraud in Texas. The real injustice is that it boils down to that if they are prosecuted and fine it's the investors that pick up the bill, if they are not prosecuted then it's us, the taxpayers that pick up the bill. But at no point are the people who are the true criminals making the decisions and profits are they every held accountable or prosecuted. This in my opinion is true fraud and injustice for all of us!

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