Sunday, August 17, 2014

Omni Pharmaceuticals Famous for their Pharmaceuticals or Famous for their Kickback payouts!

Omni Pharmaceuticals was ordered to pay $124.24 million to resolve the issue of them paying kickbacks to secure contracts to nursing home facilities for deep discounts. We are the ones whom are affected indirectly. By companies like this being corrupt and overcharging Medicare and Medicaid will eventually have the trickle down effect by increasing premiums for these programs. Let's be honest when you get to the point in your life that you qualify for these services is it fair that you are overcharged so some CEO can have a couple extra vacations. If these practices continue without consequence there will soon be  point when these programs are omitted as an option. Have you ever witnessed this kind of selfishness in your company? What would you do if you were given this information? Would you have the courage to come forward or would you be like the majority of workers and look the other way so your paycheck isn't jeopardized? I say we owe our thanks to the people who have had the backbone to stand up for what's right in America today!!
Since January 2009 The Justice Department has recouped more than $13.9 billion in cases involving fraud against federal healthcare programs. The impact of these false claims if not exposed will continue to impede on our society forever. If you have any questions or would like more information please contact Jim Vander Linden today! (612) 339-6841.
 Do you think your clinic or dr. would ever prescribe something for you only to get a kickback from the manufacturer? It's a terrifying thought isn't it, but truth be told it happens everyday. If you know of fraud on any level happening in your area it really is your responsibility as a citizen of the community to stop it TODAY!

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