Saturday, September 13, 2014

Meningitis Outbreak and Deaths Linked to Tainted Vaccines!

Pharmacist charged over meningitis outbreak pleads not guilty.


The  2012 U.S. meningitis outbreak that killed 64 people and sickened 700 in 20 states is due in court on Thursday to respond to claims that he knowingly shipped a tainted medication.
Glenn Adam Chin, 46, a former pharmacist at the now-defunct New England Compound Company, which produced the tainted steroid that sparked the outbreak, was arrested last week as he boarded a flight to Hong Kong for a family wedding.
He was charged with one count of mail fraud for approving the shipment of 17,000 tainted vials of the medication, used for back pain, despite knowing they had not been properly sterilized or tested, federal prosecutors in Boston said.
His attorney at the time described the arrest as a publicity stunt, saying that Chin, a father of two young children who lives in Canton, Massachusetts, had no plans to flee the country but was simply attending a family function.
Chin was ordered to remain under house arrest until his family returned to the United States.
        Providing details of the case, the AP  notes that “prosecutors say Chin oversaw the sterile clean rooms” compounding center in Framingham, “which custom-mixed medications in bulk and where tainted steroids blamed for the 2012 outbreak were made.” Chin is “accused of participating in a scheme to fraudulently cause one lot to be labeled as injectable, meaning it was sterile and fit for human use.” That medication “was shipped to Michigan Pain Specialists” in Brighton, MI, and injected into patients. Subsequently, 217 patients were infected with fungal meningitis, with 15 of them losing their lives.








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