Saturday, September 13, 2014

FDA Warns of NuVision Contamination!

Connecticut health care providers are being urged by the FDA to cease using sterile products from NuVision Pharmacy. The FDA discovered poor sterilization practices being used by NuVision Pharmacy during an inspection that took place in April. Due to the findings of the inspection, the FDA has called upon the pharmaceutical manufacturer to issue a recall for all their sterile products that have not yet passed their expiration dates.

The FDA believes the products made by NuVision Pharmacy may be dangerous and defective drugs due to their possible lack of sterility. According to the FDA, if drugs that are marketed as sterile actually contain a microbial contamination, patients who are given the drugs may be at risk of infection, which can be life-threatening in some cases. The drug manufacturer has repeatedly declined to issue a recall for their sterile products.

Since the FDA does not have the authority to demand a recall of products from NuVision Pharmacy, the manufacturer is not required to do so. However, to deal with the issue, the FDA has called upon health care providers to stop using products labeled sterile by the company. So far, NuVision Pharmacy is not aware of any adverse events related to their sterilized products, but they did end up recalling two other drugs earlier in the year due to sterility concerns. Individuals who have been injected with products made by the company should contact their health care provider if they have any concerns.

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