Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Geico Surrenders $517,000 to Settle Allegations


According to Top Class Actions GEICO has agreed to a $517,000 class action settlement over allegations that the insurance provider received reimbursement from a third party without first obtaining a judicial determination or an agreement with car accident victims that they were “made whole” by their settlement.

Lead plaintiff Lisa Stokes filed the GEICO class action lawsuit claiming that GEICO should have waited to obtain a “made whole” statement from insured customers before they sought reimbursement of Med Pay/PIP payments.

According to the GEICO class action, in the absence of a “made whole” agreement or judicial determination, GEICO should not have received subrogation payments.

GEICO denies any liability to Stokes and Class Members on the claims asserted in the class action lawsuit. However, the insurance company agreed to settle in order to avoid the expense and uncertainty of continued litigation.

Who’s Eligible

Class Members include individuals who received medical treatment as a result of an automobile accident and (a) who were insured under an automobile insurance policy that was issued in Arkansas by GEICO and pursuant to which GEICO made a Med Pay/PIP payment to a medical provider on behalf of the insured; and (b) who settled a bodily injury claim with a third party arising out of the automobile accident “pro se” and without the assistance of an attorney; and (c) as a result of that settlement, GEICO received a subrogation payment as reimbursement for a Med Pay/PIP payment between the dates of Nov. 1, 2008 and April 3, 2015.

Potential Award Varies.

Class Members who file a valid Claim Form will receive a payment not to exceed 100% of the amount GEICO received in Med Pay/PIP subrogation on their claim. If the number of eligible claims exceeds the amount available in the class action settlement fund, distributions will be made on a pro rata basis.

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