Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Western Health Fraudulantly Taking Your Health Treatment Into Their Bank Account!


“In a remarkable investigation, CBS News correspondent Jim

Axelrod and producer Emily Rand have discovered that

unwitting patients across the country were sent millions of

dollars in medications they did not order.” The drugs are

“made by compounding pharmacies which mix custom drugs

 for” physicians, but in this case, “the combination of the

compounding pharmacy with a telemarketer added up to

 outrageous bills to Medicare and private insurance.” In the

 specific case of a couple interviewed by CBS, “their insurance

 had been billed, $2,500 for a pain cream, $3,600 for a migraine

cream and nearly $13,000 for a scar gel.” The investigation

learned that the medicines were pitched by Western Medical

“as a free benefit paid by insurance,” and if a patient expressed

interest Western Medical “sent over pre-written prescriptions

for the doctor to sign.”

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