Thursday, December 11, 2014

FDA Getting Kickbacks For Favorable Evaluations?

“Pharmalot” blog reports on an analysis conducted by the

Journal that revealed that many of the physicians and

other professionals who sit on FDA advisory panels to review

medical devices have financial ties to manufacturers,

although the agency has refrained from disclosing the

relationships. The analysis reviewed panels from 2012

through 2014, and found that of the 122 people who sat on

the panels evaluating devices, one-third received some form

of compensation, including money, research grants or travel

and food from companies. Additionally, almost 10% of FDA

advisers received compensation directly from the specific

company whose product was up for evaluation. The

regulatory agency only disclosed 1% of the connections. FDA

Associate Commissioner Jill Hartzler Warner explained to the

Journal, “If you have a financial interest with a sponsor or a

related firm, but it’s not related to the product at the meeting,

it’s not disqualifying.”

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