Monday, November 17, 2014

Have You Taken Bystolic? High Blood Pressure Medication Causing Problems For Many!



In a previous post, we discussed several medications that were recalled on a national level due to dissolution issues. Drugs that are improperly designed, are likely to be ineffective and can have temporary to severe adverse health consequences to consumers. Forest Laboratories, the manufacturer of Bystolic -- one of the many drugs included in our previous post -- recently issued another recall for the same drug. This is the second recall of this medication in the last three months and, as the company ships nationwide, consumers in Connecticut may be affected.

Forest Laboratories which is now a unit of Actavis, issued an expanded recall of Bystolic. This is, again, due to dissolution issues with the products in question. The first recall issued a few months ago affected approximately 90,000 sample bottles, and this recall is much the same. More than 94,000 cartons of 20-mg tablet sample bottles are included in this recent recall.

Bystolic is a fairly popular blood pressure medication. Last year alone, consumers spent over $455 million dollars buying this product. This amount is an increase of almost 24 percent compared to the amount sold in 2012.

Patients who require medication to control blood pressure may experience serious health consequences should their medication fail. Pharmaceutical liability claims seek to hold drug manufacturers accountable for the safety and effectiveness of their products and grant victims of improperly designed medications compensation for any damages sustained.

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